Pastor Principal Letty Stepp

Pastor Principal:
Letty Stepp

Nací en Brownsville, Texas.  Tenemos una hija ella está casada y tenemos un maravilloso nieto y yerno.  Nuestro hijo, Mike es soltero.  Me encanta la naturaleza y pasar tiempo con la familia. Soy la esposa del pastor Stepp y juntos fundamos la Iglesia Cristiana de Bakersfield

Además, soy Pastora asociada para los ministerios de Niños.  He estado trabajando con los niños desde que tenía 20 años.  Pero los últimos cuatro años ha estado trabajando tiempo completo en el Ministerio.

Mi pasión es que todos los niños aprendan la palabra de Dios y adorarlo con cantos, servirle y también alcanzar a los perdidos.  Cada niño tiene talentos que pueden utilizar para servir al Señor.

Born on:  August 27, 1984   Birthplace: Bakersfield, California

Pastor since: 2008   Favorite Verse: Psalm 89:7

Pastor Eman has been part of bcc for the past five years. He oversees jr. High, high school, young adults, and student interns. He is very passionate about what he does and wants to see this generation stand up and make a change. He beloved that young people have the potential to change their world but all they need is some one to love on them, challenge them and walk with them.  Pastor Eman is a spontaneous fun guy who always has an adventure to explore.Little things are little things but being faithful in the little things is what makes the big difference.

Student Ministries Pastor: Eman Hernandez

Student Ministries Pastor:
Eman Hernandez


Pastor de Artes: Zeek Pardo

Pastor de Artes:
Zeek Pardo

Born on: May 28, 1990              Birthplace: Bakersfield,CA

Pastor Since: January 2012    Favorite Bible Verse: Hebrews 10:24

Pastor Zeek has a passion for effectively delivering the most important Story  in history. He interned in Oaks school of leadership for 2 years, worked as a ministry associate at the Oaks fellowship in Waxahachie, TX and is studying at Southwestern Assemblies of God University. He enjoys reading, biking, and learning the most random crafts.

Born in: 1981                Birthplace: San Pedro, California

Pastor since: 2012     Previous/current work: Office Coordinator/PC Tech

Favorite Verse: Psalm 24:7, Romans 8:28, Joshua 1:9

Ministry has always been a part of my life. My father met my mother at a bible institute in Peru in 1972 and both sought to serve the Lord once the immigrated to the United States in 1980.

I moved to Bakersfield on October 2008, and in 2009 found myself enrolled at a local bible college, trying to fulfill the calling I had known since I was a little boy. In 2011 I became a member of Bakersfield Christian Church and in 2012 came on staff as an associate pastor of Teaching and Discipleship ministries.

I’ve found that serving is the best way to live our Christian life and I count a privilege and blessing to serve the body and my family at BCC and look forward to many years doing so.

Teaching Ministries Lay Pastor: John Vasquez Teaching Ministries Pastor- 
John Vasquez

Familia y Matrimonio Pastor: Esteban Henriquez
Born in: November 17, 1968                 Birthplace: Salvador
 Married to: Esperanza Henriquez       Pastor since: 2012  Favorite Verses:

Pastor Esteban has been a faithful member of BCC for 10 years. He has a passion for family ministries, including Marriage ministries, Women’s Ministries, Missions and everything in between.

Born in: 1965               Birth place:  El Salvador

Pastor since: 2012      Favorite Verse: Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

Associate Pastor and Director of the Fellowship Ministry of the Christian Church of Bakersfield. I was born in El Salvador in 1965. I have been married to Lorena for 21 years and am the father of Grecia and Jesse. I enjoy reading, soccer, the outdoors, and spending time with my family.I have a team of loyal and committed leaders to serve, and our ministry is growing. I love God and His Word and my desire is to honor Him.

Psalm 119:105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

RIVERA, LORENA; (Staff)16_WEB Fellowship Ministries Pastor
Dionel Rivera